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5 Delicious Raita Recipes You Can Make Using Niryas Dahi

Raita is one of those yummy preparations that you can have with a wide variety of snacks and dishes. It is also part of the Indian main course, which includes the quintessential ‘thali’. You can have raita with various foods such as pulao, daal-rice, daal-roti, sabzi-roti, pooris, parathas, bhajias, pakoras, etc. Raita is also preferred with non-veg food items such as kebabs, as it enhances the taste, aids digestion, supplies fiber, and has a cooling effect. Depending on the ingredients used, raita can be sweet or salty or have a delectable combination of both flavors.

For making raita, curd is mixed with other ingredients such as raw or cooked vegetables, fruits and various spices. It is essential to use fresh and pure dahi such as Niryas Dahi to get the perfect taste of raita. Here are five delicious raita recipes you can make using Niryas Dahi.

Boondi raita: This is prepared using boondi, which is made from gram flour. You can make the boondi at home or buy it from your neighborhood shop. This is one of the simplest raita recipes, as you just need to mix the boondi in the curd along with salt and some spices such as roasted cumin powder and mustard power, black salt, and black pepper.

Boondi raita


Cucumber raita: This is a popular raita recipe that is prepared using curd, finely chopped cucumbers, spices, and green chilies. Some people also add finely chopped tomato and onion to cucumber raita, but it’s entirely up to you how you want it. Cucumber raita is most widely consumed in the summer months, as it has cooling properties. Both curd and cucumber help to beat the heat.

Cucumber Raita


Fruit raita: This will be a salty-sweet combo with the wholesome goodness of fresh fruits. Fruit raita is prepared using curd and chopped pieces of fresh fruits such as banana, apple, strawberry, pomegranate, and pineapple. You can add or remove any fruits, as per your specific tastes and preferences. Fruit raita will have both salt and sugar, along with some spices such as cumin powder and black pepper powder.

Fruit Raita


Mint coriander raita: This works like a tasty dip that pairs well with a wide variety of veg and non-veg food. Mint leaves, coriander leaves and chilies are grinded to a fine paste and added to curd. Then, the spices are added such as roasted cumin powder, chaat masala powder, and lal mirch powder. Salt and black salt are also added. Optional ingredients include finely chopped onions, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Mint coriander raita

Pineapple raita: This will be a sweet and sour preparation using chopped pineapples, spices, coriander leaves, and curd. Salt and sugar may be added as required. Pineapple raita is more like a dessert that you can have at the end of a meal. It tastes best when served chilled.

Pineapple raita

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How to make your lunch healthy

How to Make Lunch Healthy?

Modern, fast-paced lifestyles have led to an increase in the number of cases related to stress, anxiety, lifestyle diseases and other health issues. With people looking for solutions and answers, they have come to realize that nutritious food and regular exercise are a must for optimal health. With information freely available on the internet, people have become a lot more health conscious. An increasing number of people are saying no to junk food, as it is high in calories and harmful for health. People are now more careful about what they eat and are always looking for healthier meal options.

How to make your lunch healthy

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An easy way to ensure a healthy meal is to focus on natural food items such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lentils, nuts & seeds, dairy products, etc. These foods will fulfill all your nutritional requirements such as carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. One of the most healthy food items that you can have every day is curd. You can have curd with any of your meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Curd goes well with a wide variety of food items. You can have it with your snacks or your regular meals at lunch or dinner. Curd works as a taste enhancer and it improves your overall experience of having a meal.

Curd offers all the important nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, calcium, phosphorous, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, and vitamin A. These nutrients perform various functions in the human body and are a must for maintaining optimal health. Another great benefit of curd is that it contains probiotics or ‘friendly bacteria’, which help improve gut health. Curd is beneficial for digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. With the friendly bacteria in curd, you also remain protected from diseases and infections of the gastrointestinal system.

Curd from niryas

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For optimal health gains, choose good quality curd such as Niryas Dahi. Made with fresh, pure and nutritious milk, Niryas Dahi offers an easy way to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Niryas Dahi is rich in a wide variety of nutrients and it will also enhance the taste of your meals. You will love its rich, creamy texture, which makes for a delightful experience. Niryas Dahi is available in convenient, easy-to-carry cups, which makes it easier to use it at lunch time. If you are looking for a healthy balanced diet, adding Niryas Dahi to your meals would be a great option.




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Niryas butter milk recipes

Buttermilk in recipes? Why not.

You may think that the season of consuming buttermilk is over… think again! Why have buttermilk only as a drink, when you can also add it in your food, and innovate with cooking?

Buttermilk is one of the most versatile dairy products, and can be used in quite a lot of recipes. It not only makes the dishes healthier and tasty but also gives them a good texture and fluffiness.

Below are two easy to make quick recipes that can be made with buttermilk:
1. Buttermilk biscuits

Niryas buttermilk biscuits

You never could have though that you could make cookies using buttermilk. Well, surprise!
To make your cookies rich and flaky, use Niryas Chhach (buttermilk) instead of milk.

Here is a quick recipe:

1. Make dough by mixing 2 cups of flour and Niryas Chhach. On a lightly floured work surface, turn out dough and gently knead 2–3 times until dough just comes together, being careful to not overwork.
2. Roll out dough to a 1/2" thickness; cut with a 2" biscuit cutter or small glass that has been dipped in flour.
3. Transfer biscuits in a pre-heated over. Bake for 6–8 minutes, and binge.

2. Make a creamy salad dressing

Niryas buttermilk salad dressing

Home made dressing taste so much better than the bottled stuff, and that too when it is made with Niryas chhach.
Homemade ranch dressing is one of the most refreshing ways to dress a salad. A touch of cool, creamy buttermilk ranch, speckled with fresh herbs, drizzled over fresh greens? Heavenly.
Things you require:

a) 2 tablespoons well-shaken cultured Niryas Chhach (buttermilk)
b) 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
c) Salt and freshly ground black pepper
d) 1/2 teaspoon rice vinegar, optional
e) 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, optional
f) 1 to 3 teaspoons finely chopped fresh chives, mint, and/or Italian parsley, optional
Whisk together the buttermilk and mayonnaise. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
Enjoy your salad.
These are just two examples, and you can experiment with many more recipes.

Do share how you liked making these.

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