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5 reasons why Niryas Ghee is healthy for your baby

5 reasons why Niryas Ghee is healthy for your baby

First few years in the life of your baby are considered very important for his/her overall health and wellbeing. And this is the time when you should trust nothing but the best products for your baby. Niryas ghee is the purest form of ghee and contains all the vital properties that are lauded in the ancient texts of Ayurveda. Your baby is a dough of clay and during these formative years, you can really build a strong future for him/her with the application of Niryas ghee (in the diet as well as on body). So, let us take a look through some of the health benefits of Niryas ghee for your baby:


  1. Good for Skin problems: Pure ghee, aka Niryas ghee, is a good moisturizing agent which can be used to cure eczema and other related skin problems. Pure ghee reduces the inflammation of the skin and provides an anti-microbial coating, preventing infection and stopping the spreading of eczema.
  2. Great as a Massage Oil: While oil massages are an inevitable part of raising a baby in India, liquid ghee can be the best massage agent. One of the basic properties of pure ghee is to protect the baby from cold. So, Niryas ghee can be used during the winter season to keep the baby from catching a cold.
  3. Combats Dry Cough: Many infants are susceptible to dry a cough and again Niryas ghee can come to the rescue in such instances. Make a special preparation of pure Niryas ghee with an essence of peppercorn and give the mixture to the baby throughout the day. You will be amazed by the relief this simple home remedy provides to the baby.
  4. Boosts Immunity: Babies are prone to catching a cold and other infections. So, using Niryas ghee as a part of a diet is essential. Pure ghee, as mentioned before, has anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties which improve the immunity against infections, cough, and cold.
  5. Regulates the Thyroid Hormone function: Ghee is a good source of Iodine and consuming the right amount of Niryas ghee helps in regulating the thyroid hormone functions throughout life.

Niryas Desi Ghee

It is simple to apply Niryas ghee in your baby’s everyday diet. You can add some teaspoons of ghee in khichdi cooked for the baby and the food will not only taste better but be healthier than ever. Now, you might be wondering how to buy Niryas ghee. Well, that is simple, just visit Amazon and you can buy Niryas ghee.

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Niryas Foods | Winter

Favourite Winter Comfort Foods

The winter season attracts different reactions from different people. Some love the cool environment, whereas others just can’t stand the icy weather conditions. However, the one thing that we all love during winters is piping hot food. And the best part is that there are plenty of such options available during winters. Here are some of the favourite Indian comfort foods in winters, which will boost your energy levels, elevate your mood and allow you to truly enjoy the winter season.


Stuffed Paranthas

This is one of the favourite Indian comfort foods consumed during winters. Stuffed Paranthas is loaded with calories, which is exactly what you need to fight the chill during winters. For the most awesome taste, it’s recommended that you prepare your paranthas entirely with ghee. You can also add a dash of butter on top for added flavour. You can have stuffed parantha with pickles, Niryas Fresh Dahi and any of your favourite chutneys.

Niryas Foods | Winter
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Makkey Di Roti Sarson Da Saag

This delectable delight from the rural heartland of India has become widely popular across the country. To relish its awesome taste, you need to add dollops of ghee to the makkey di roti. You can also add butter if you want. This dish is highly nutritious and one of the favourites during winters.

Niryas Foods | Winter
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This nutritious meal is easy to prepare and is popular across India, even though there may be slight variations in ingredients and preparation method in different regions of the country. Khichdi is best enjoyed with ghee, pickles, Niryas Fresh Dahi and papad (poppadum). Some people also like to have khichdi with raw onions and lemon.

Niryas Foods | Winter
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This is an irresistible food during winters. It tastes heavenly, especially when prepared with ghee. There are many variations you can try such as suji halwa, atta halwa, gajar halwa, etc.Ghee is an important ingredient for most halwa preparations, so the more you add, the better will be the taste.

Niryas Foods | Winter
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As it is evident, the common ingredient in all above dishes is ghee. It’s not surprising because ghee is a natural flavour enhancer and is loaded with various nutrients. For best results, it is recommended that you use the purest and healthiest ghee such as Niryas Ghee. Niryas is a leading dairy company and its products come with the guarantee of 100% purity and health. Niryas Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, D, E and K, which offer varied health benefits. Adding Niryas Ghee to your food will enhance its taste significantly and the health benefits will be an added bonus. Try Niryas Ghee to experience absolute bliss this winter season.

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Ghee | Niryas Foods

Essential Benefits of Ghee

Ghee | Niryas Foods

From the ancient times, this golden substance has been a key part of the religious rituals and Indian diet. Ayurvedic texts are all praises about Ghee. They deem it to be the healthiest source of fat and claim that its consumption can lead to:

1. Improvement in memory
2. Strengthening of the nervous system
3. Lubrication of connective tissues
4. Strengthening of the digestive process
5. Improvement in the metabolism rates


How is it made?

Ghee, which is also referred to as Clarified butter or Butter oil (in Western nations), is made by heating butter or the milk fat until the liquid fats within it separate from the milk solids. But the heating does not cease there, it is heated until the milk turns golden brown color. This caramelization provides ghee its nutty taste. The process also removes the milk proteins, sugars, and water making it safer to consume in most instances. Once the preparation process is complete, Ghee contains 100% fat!


Other Benefits of Ghee

Vitamin-A Rich: A tablespoon of Ghee has about 8% of the daily dose of Vitamin-A. Vitamin-A, in turn, promotes immune functions, improves vision & fertility and offers a healthy skin. It can also aid in cancer prevention.

Dose of Vitamin-E: Vitamin-E is an antioxidant that is known to reduce the signs of aging. Apart from this, regular intake of Vitamin-E obtained from Ghee also helps you to combat heart diseases, cancer, dementia, and stroke. One tablespoon of Ghee contains nearly 2% of Vitamin-E recommended for daily diet.

Lactose-Free: The detailed Ghee making process, as mentioned above, removes all the fat solids and in the process also removes lactose and galactose which can cause stomach problems. However, this does not deem the product fit for people with a dairy allergy.

High on Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Milk fat is known to be the richest source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Ghee contains 99.3% of milk fat. CLA is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and antioxidant.

Rich on Saturated Fat: Saturated fat has got a bad name, but recent research suggests that it can raise the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Ghee contains 48% of the saturated fat, and it is safe for people who currently do not have high cholesterol levels.

Having pointed to these benefits, it has to say in the same breath, that all Ghee products do not come with the same benefits. So, you have to choose Niryas Ghee to enjoy the above-mentioned health benefits!


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