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Buttermilk And Its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Buttermilk And Its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Buttermilk (chhach) is a widely consumed traditional Indian beverage which offers a wide range of health benefits. It is a savory delight that works as a perfect accompaniment to our meals. Buttermilk functions as an appetizer and also aids digestion, which is why it is preferred with the meals. Various spices and herbs can be added to buttermilk to enhance its taste, flavor and nutritional value. Buttermilk can be consumed by everyone and across all seasons, even though it is most favored during summer months.
Homemade chhach is one preferred choice, but in case you don’t have time to prepare this, you can choose top quality branded products such as Niryas chhach. Rich in flavor and loaded with various nutrients, Niryas chhach comes with the guarantee of 100% purity and freshness. Niryas chhach is derived from milk sourced directly from farms, which is why it is as good as homemade chhach. It is light on the stomach and rich in minerals and protein.

nr6Key benefits of chhach

  • Power of probiotics: Chhach contains probiotics that are essential for maintaining healthy gut flora. When your gastrointestinal system is in top shape, it will keep you protected from various types of diseases and health issues.
  • Boosts digestion: Chhach works as an effective natural digestive aid, which eliminates the build-up of toxins in your intestines. This, in turn, boosts your immune system, keeping you safe from various infectious diseases.
  • Coolant for summer months: Chhach works as an effective coolant during summer months. With chhach, you can stay protected from issues like dehydration and heat stroke.
  • Health benefits: Chhach has a unique bioactive protein that has shown to have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties. Chhach can help lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and prevent certain cancers.
    Great choice for lactose-intolerant: Chhach can be consumed even by people who are lactose-intolerant. With chhach, lactose-intolerant people can derive the significant health benefits associated with dairy products.
  • Anti-acidity: In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the number of people diagnosed with acidity and hyperacidity issues. Chhach has anti-acidity properties, which is why it can be very useful for people with acidity issues.
    Adding Niryas Chhach to your meals can help you derive a wide range of benefits including the ones described above. Niryas Chhach has the taste and flavor of homemade chhach and it is loaded with various nutrients. Regular consumption of Niryas Chhach will boost your bodily functions, allowing you to experience improved health and wellness.

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Know The Secret Ingredient Chefs Use For Rich Milk Delicacies

Know The Secret Ingredient Chefs Use For Rich Milk Delicacies

Know The Secret Ingredient Chefs Use For Rich Milk Delicacies

We usually drool at the delectable recipes prepared by great chefs whenever we are eating outdoors, but fail to recreate the similar taste in our own kitchen. While cooking, we take great care to use ingredients in the right quantity, just as the chef suggested, but somehow the desired texture, color and taste continue to elude our dish. We give it multiple tries, but it never works out the way the chef does it. So what’s the secret ingredient that top chefs are using to create culinary masterpieces?

Well, you will be surprised to know that the secret formula is quite simple and readily available in your kitchen. The secret ingredient is milk and it can significantly enhance the flavor, texture and taste of a wide variety of food items. Culinary experts opine that the healthy fats and high-quality proteins found in milk help enhance the flavor and taste of various food preparations.

It is also worth mentioning that adding milk to your recipes enhances its overall nutritional value. Milk is a nutrient dense food and it is loaded with calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, and B vitamins. Research studies have shown that regular consumption of milk reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Top chefs use milk in various recipes and you too could introduce it in your food preparations. Let’s take a look at some recipes where you can replace water with milk to enhance flavor, taste and texture.

Super soft parathas: If your parathas are turning out hard or rubbery, it’s time to replace water with milk when making the dough. Milk has healthy fats that keep the moisture intact. This helps maintain the softness of parathas. The high-quality proteins found in milk also work to enhance the flavor and taste of your parathas. You can use milk instead of water for rotis and puris also.

Fluffy bread: If you want to make bakery type bread in your home, try adding some milk when making the dough. The healthy fats and proteins found in milk will ensure that your homemade bread is soft, fluffy and super delicious.

Halwa: You can make your halwa a lot more delicious by replacing water with milk. With this method, your halwa will have an unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth quality to it that you have never experienced before. You can add milk to atta halwa, besan halwa, suji (semolina) halwa, etc.

Now that you know the secret ingredient that chefs use, why not try it in your kitchen and see the results. Milk has the power to transform the flavor, texture and taste of your recipes and the accolades and appreciation that you subsequently get from your loved ones will be all yours to cherish.

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Double Toned vs. Toned vs. Full Cream: Which Milk Is For You?

Double Toned vs. Toned vs. Full Cream: Which Milk Is For You?

Milk has always been an essential part of our diet, and rightly so because it is a nutrient-dense food. Milk contains various nutrients such as top-quality protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. These nutrients found in milk are crucial to various bodily functions such as maintaining healthy bones and teeth, muscle growth and repair, promoting heart health, boosting the immune system and protecting the nervous system. Regular consumption of milk can give you supple, glowing skin and it has also shown to be helpful in losing weight and managing diabetes.

For optimal health benefits, you need to choose the right type of milk based on your age and body type. Packaged milk comes in different variants and each of these has a specific percentage of fat content. Let’s take a look at three most commonly available types of milk and try to ascertain which one will be best for you.

Double toned milk: Since double toned milk is low in fat (1.5% minimum), it is suitable for people with sedentary lifestyle. Good quality products such as Niryas double toned milk can be useful in losing weight and maintaining a slim and trim physique. Since double toned milk is easily digested, it is also suitable for elderly people and individuals with digestive problems. Even with the low fat content, double toned milk has most of the nutrients found in regular, full cream milk. Double toned milk can be used directly to make tea, coffee, shakes and other recipes.

Double toned milk

Toned milk: This type of milk has fat content of 3.0% minimum, which makes it suitable for most people. Leading dairy brands such as Niryas toned milk have all the nutrients found in regular milk. If you are not sure which milk to drink, you can simply pick up toned milk. Many people use toned milk to prepare tea, coffee and shakes.

Toned Milk

Full cream milk: This is high in fat (6.0% minimum), which makes it suitable for toddlers and growing kids. It is also the preferred choice for people involved in moderate to heavy physical activities. Good quality products such as Niryas full cream milk are loaded with various nutrients, which ensure optimal health and wellbeing. Full cream milk is used for preparing curd, ghee, khoya and various tasty dishes such as sweets, kheer, paneer delicacies, etc.

Full cream milk

It’s recommended that you always choose good quality milk such as Niryas milk. It will ensure that the milk you and your loved ones are consuming is 100% pure and fresh and has all the vital nutrients needed for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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Niryas Ghee

Winter Is Coming: Keep Your Skin Hydrated And Smooth With Niryas Desi Ghee

Niryas Ghee

Ghee has been an important part of our diet and it has shown to offer various health benefits. Ghee has key nutrients such as healthy fats and vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients perform a wide variety of critical functions in the human body. Ghee is a rich source of High-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is commonly referred to as the good cholesterol. HDL has shown to improve cardiovascular health, as it removes LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) or the bad cholesterol from the body. Ghee has shown to boost immunity, is considered good for the mind and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Ghee also works great when used externally, as it can provide relief from various types of skin problems. Since ghee is 100% natural, it’s better to use it on your skin instead of taking the risk with unknown chemical-based skin products. Ghee is especially suitable for your skin during winters. This is the time when cold conditions and lack of moisture in the atmosphere make your skin dry and flaky. You need to take extra care of your skin during winters and ghee is just the thing you need. Here’s how you can solve your skin problems with ghee.

Hydrates super dry skin: Ghee works as an effective hydrating agent for dry skin. Just take a few drops of ghee and spread it over your dry skin. The essential fatty acids present in ghee will induce hydration of skin cells and all your scaly, dry skin will disappear in no time.

Works as a face moisturizer: Ghee works as a natural moisturizer for your skin. You can mix it with a little water and apply it on your face. Ghee significantly reduces moisture loss, thereby preventing scaly skin during winters.

Bright and glowing skin: The vitamins and essential fatty acids found in Ghee provide natural nourishment to the skin. They prevent damage to skin from dry weather and also help in the skin repair process. With regular application of ghee, you get bright, glowing skin that would definitely attract many compliments.

Anti-aging: The essential fatty acids and vitamins in ghee are known to have anti-ageing properties. Regular use of ghee on your skin can help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Reduces dark circles: Vitamins found in ghee help to reduce dark circles under the eyes. You need to rub small amounts of ghee under your eyes every day and continue this treatment for a couple of weeks to see the results.

For chapped and dark lips: With its essential fatty acids, ghee can provide quick relief from chapped lips. Vitamins found in ghee can help with the problem of dark lips.

Niryas Ghee

For best results, you need to use 100% pure ghee such as Niryas Ghee. Loaded with Vitamin A, D, E and K, Niryas Ghee has the granular structure and rich aroma. Niryas Ghee is now available online at Amazon, so everyone can easily order it now.

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To Ghee or Not to Ghee: 5 Amazing Health benefits of pure ghee that you didn't know about

To Ghee or Not to Ghee: 5 Amazing Health benefits of pure ghee that you didn’t know about

For all the health conscious people, having oil, ghee or butter is a big no-no. According to the modern day concept of healthy living, ghee will add some extra kilos around your waist. But let’s have some reality check on the concepts of ancient Ayurvedic medical science which states: ghee or clarified butter is not only good for health, it has a great impact on rejuvenating the mind and spirit. Here are 5 amazing health benefits of pure ghee to clarify your idea.

  • Ghee is good for people with Lactose Intolerance: During the making ghee from butter, most of the impurities, as well as the milk solids, are removed. The remnants of solid milk can barely affect anybody. So, the people with lactose or casein intolerance can have ample of it!
  • Ghee is nutritious: Ghee is packed with nutritious Vitamin A, D and E which are oil soluble and have anti-oxidant properties like K2 and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). It also has medium chain fatty acids which are directly absorbed into the liver and burned as energy along with other fats. Only one tablespoon of ghee can give you a whopping 470 KK of energy!
  • Ghee enhances digestive system: According to the latest study, the people with a weak digestive system cannot produce Butyric acid, which helps in digesting food. On the other hand, ghee is full of Butyric acid which is a source of energy and helps the intestinal walls digest food.
  • Ghee boosts immunity: Recently a research has proved that Butyric acid can support the production of T cells. These cells boost the immune system of the body, which fights against the allergens, bacteria and foreign particles. So, ghee is a great aid to build a strong immune system which keeps many common health problems at bay.  
  • Ghee has medicinal benefits: Another added benefit of ghee is its medicinal value which has been well depicted in ancient Ayurveda. Ghee is used as a natural remedy for treating cough and cold since ages. And systematic in-take of ghee can keep a person away from these health remedies.


Taking one teaspoon of warm Niryas ghee has a magic on a dry cough. Many Ayurvedic home remedies have ghee as their core ingredient. But it is essential that you choose only the purest form of ghee. Niryas ghee is the purest ghee available in the market today. So, place your order today!

niryas ghee

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5 Delicious Raita Recipes You Can Make Using Niryas Dahi

Raita is one of those yummy preparations that you can have with a wide variety of snacks and dishes. It is also part of the Indian main course, which includes the quintessential ‘thali’. You can have raita with various foods such as pulao, daal-rice, daal-roti, sabzi-roti, pooris, parathas, bhajias, pakoras, etc. Raita is also preferred with non-veg food items such as kebabs, as it enhances the taste, aids digestion, supplies fiber, and has a cooling effect. Depending on the ingredients used, raita can be sweet or salty or have a delectable combination of both flavors.

For making raita, curd is mixed with other ingredients such as raw or cooked vegetables, fruits and various spices. It is essential to use fresh and pure dahi such as Niryas Dahi to get the perfect taste of raita. Here are five delicious raita recipes you can make using Niryas Dahi.

Boondi raita: This is prepared using boondi, which is made from gram flour. You can make the boondi at home or buy it from your neighborhood shop. This is one of the simplest raita recipes, as you just need to mix the boondi in the curd along with salt and some spices such as roasted cumin powder and mustard power, black salt, and black pepper.

Boondi raita


Cucumber raita: This is a popular raita recipe that is prepared using curd, finely chopped cucumbers, spices, and green chilies. Some people also add finely chopped tomato and onion to cucumber raita, but it’s entirely up to you how you want it. Cucumber raita is most widely consumed in the summer months, as it has cooling properties. Both curd and cucumber help to beat the heat.

Cucumber Raita


Fruit raita: This will be a salty-sweet combo with the wholesome goodness of fresh fruits. Fruit raita is prepared using curd and chopped pieces of fresh fruits such as banana, apple, strawberry, pomegranate, and pineapple. You can add or remove any fruits, as per your specific tastes and preferences. Fruit raita will have both salt and sugar, along with some spices such as cumin powder and black pepper powder.

Fruit Raita


Mint coriander raita: This works like a tasty dip that pairs well with a wide variety of veg and non-veg food. Mint leaves, coriander leaves and chilies are grinded to a fine paste and added to curd. Then, the spices are added such as roasted cumin powder, chaat masala powder, and lal mirch powder. Salt and black salt are also added. Optional ingredients include finely chopped onions, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Mint coriander raita

Pineapple raita: This will be a sweet and sour preparation using chopped pineapples, spices, coriander leaves, and curd. Salt and sugar may be added as required. Pineapple raita is more like a dessert that you can have at the end of a meal. It tastes best when served chilled.

Pineapple raita

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Tea enthusiast love Niryas

Why Tea Lovers Love Niryas?

Tea lovers are very particular about the aroma, flavor, and taste of their favorite beverage. They can identify the slightest of variations in the flavor and taste of tea, which is why they are not satisfied with any of the routine stuff served to them. They know what the perfect cup of tea tastes like and that is exactly what they want every time. Tea lovers can either be seen at popular tea stalls that serve the refreshing brew or we see them at their homes, where they spend a considerable amount of time in preparing the perfect cup of tea.

Tea and Kettle

Image Source

There are a lot of things that go into making the perfect cup of tea. The type of tea leaves and the type of milk used are among the things that matter most in defining the taste as well as the color, texture, and richness of tea. The preparation method and preparation time are also important factors that determine the taste of tea. While the choice of tea leaves and preparation method may vary, the one thing that most tea lovers prefer to use is good quality milk that is fresh and rich in taste and flavor. A popular choice among tea lovers is Niryas Tea Special milk, which has been specially created to ensure the perfect taste in each cup and every sip.

Right Milk = Perfect Taste

Tea drinkers love Niryas Tea Special milk since they know that using the right milk gives the perfect taste. Niryas Tea Special milk has been specially formulated for making tea, based on years of research and laboratory tests. Inputs and feedback were also sourced from tea lovers and the same has been used to develop Niryas Tea Special milk. With SNF of minimum 9% and a healthy fat content of 1.5%, Niryas Tea Special milk is the right milk for creating the perfect taste in every sip. Another great thing about Niryas Tea Special milk is that it is absolutely fresh and pure, which helps in delivering the perfect taste of tea.


Image Source

Tea drinkers who like their tea to be rich and creamy can use Niryas Tea Special milk directly without the need to add water. Tea lovers can also rest assured about the quality of Niryas Tea Special milk, as it is processed in state-of-the-art Niryas processing plants and hygienically packed in pouches. The combination of great taste, quality, purity, and freshness have made Niryas Tea Special milk a favorite among tea lovers.


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Sweet Lassi or Salty Chhach: What’s your choice?

Sweet Lassi or Salty Chhach: What’s your choice?

It is summer time and this Indian season has its own special savory drink – Lassi. Made with thick and high quality Yogurt, it refreshes your body in a way that none of the aerated drinks can! No wonder than that whether you are in the Northern or the Eastern states of India, you will find Lassi shops always crowded with people. On a broader level there are two types of Lassi – Sweet and Salty. And both of them are very popular across India. While both these drinks have their own distinctive tastes and benefits, none can claim superiority over the other. Today we would try to analyze the highlights of lassi and chhach.

Sweet Lassi


image source

Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi

image source

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the drink to opt for during those days of searing summer heat. Sweet lassi contains the same health benefit as Yogurt. Prepared with a couple of spoons of sugar, the lassi can be thick and heavy. Modern day sweet lassis come in various flavors. Their tastes are enriched with rose water, lemon juice, strawberry, mango or other fruit juices. A glass of sweet lassi is often a heavy drink which keeps you filled for many following hours. It is also known to cool down the body, and thus it is a healthy drink to have if you are venturing out on a summer day.

Chocolate chip french vanilla smoothie

image source



image source

On the other hand, if you have a liking for the tangy or salty taste then a glass of Jeera Chhach would be an ideal accompaniment with your meals. It is a less heavy drink, than the sweet lassi, but carries more health benefits. One of the most prominent health benefits of chhach is its capability to aid the digestive process. It is traditionally had with meals and mostly Indians love to end their fulsome lunch or dinner with a bottoms-up drink of chhach.


image source


So, as we see above the sweeter variety of lassi is a standalone drink that can instantly cool down and keep your body well hydrated. It is rather thick and heavy. On the other end, Chhach is more of an accompaniment with heavy meals. It is well known for aiding the digestive process and helps you stay away from problems of the digestive tract.


So, which one is your favorite? Do write back to us

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Niryas Food | Dahi

Desserts made with Niryas Fresh Dahi

With people becoming increasingly conscious about their health and weight, desserts are often categorised as junk food. However, desserts need not be all that bad, especially if prepared using the right ingredients. For example, Dahi (yoghurt) serves as a nutritious and healthy way to prepare various types of delicious desserts. Dahi is one of the most versatile ingredients, as it can be used for preparing a wide variety of food items. For best results, it’s recommended that you use fresh, pure and nutrient-rich Dahi such as Niryas Fresh Dahi. Here are some trendy recipes for making desserts with Dahi.


Dahi Smoothie

This would be similar to the delectable Indian lassi. The only difference is that while lassi only has dahi and sugar, dahi smoothie will have your favourite fruits blended with dahi. You can also add dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, watermelon seeds, etc. For added wholesomeness, you can add finely chopped pieces of your favourite fruits and nuts on top of the dahi smoothie. Use thick dahi such as Niryas Fresh Dahi for making dahi smoothie.

Niryas Foods | Dahi

Image Source 



This works as a healthy dessert and can also be had with chapattis. You can try various flavours of shrikhand such as mango shrikhand, Kesar shrikhand, dry fruits shrikhand, cardamom shrikhand, etc. The primary ingredients required will be hung yoghurt and powdered sugar. For making hung yoghurt, use thick and creamy dahi such as Niryas Fresh Dahi.

Niryas Foods | Dahi
Image Source


Dahi Cake

This is also known as Meskouta, a popular homemade Moroccan cake recipe. Eggs are optional in this recipe. You can add eggs if you want, but it tastes great even without eggs. For dahi cake, you will need thick and creamy dahi such as Niryas Dahi, powdered sugar, oil, all-purpose flour, and baking soda. Dahi cake would be a true delight, especially for kids.

NIryas Foods | Dahi
Image Source


Mishti Doi

This is a simplified version of shrikhand, but tastes just as good. For Mishti Doi, you will need good quality full cream milk such as Niryas Milk, sugar/brown sugar/jaggery and 1-2 teaspoons of dahi. There are many variations of this recipe, but the most common approach is to boil milk till it thickens a bit and add the desired sweetener. Once it has cooled down to around 40-45 degree Celsius, you need to add 1-2 teaspoons of dahi, give it a mix, and leave it overnight. Traditionally, earthen pots are used to prepare Mishti Doi, which gives it a thicker and creamier texture and enhanced flavours.

Niryas Food | Dahi
Image Source


Being a versatile ingredient, dahi comes very handily in the kitchen. Apart from making desserts from dahi, you can use dahi for preparing various other dishes. Turning dahi into desserts is a good way to delight your taste buds without compromising on your health.


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Niryas Foods | Winter

Favourite Winter Comfort Foods

The winter season attracts different reactions from different people. Some love the cool environment, whereas others just can’t stand the icy weather conditions. However, the one thing that we all love during winters is piping hot food. And the best part is that there are plenty of such options available during winters. Here are some of the favourite Indian comfort foods in winters, which will boost your energy levels, elevate your mood and allow you to truly enjoy the winter season.


Stuffed Paranthas

This is one of the favourite Indian comfort foods consumed during winters. Stuffed Paranthas is loaded with calories, which is exactly what you need to fight the chill during winters. For the most awesome taste, it’s recommended that you prepare your paranthas entirely with ghee. You can also add a dash of butter on top for added flavour. You can have stuffed parantha with pickles, Niryas Fresh Dahi and any of your favourite chutneys.

Niryas Foods | Winter
Image Source


Makkey Di Roti Sarson Da Saag

This delectable delight from the rural heartland of India has become widely popular across the country. To relish its awesome taste, you need to add dollops of ghee to the makkey di roti. You can also add butter if you want. This dish is highly nutritious and one of the favourites during winters.

Niryas Foods | Winter
Image Source



This nutritious meal is easy to prepare and is popular across India, even though there may be slight variations in ingredients and preparation method in different regions of the country. Khichdi is best enjoyed with ghee, pickles, Niryas Fresh Dahi and papad (poppadum). Some people also like to have khichdi with raw onions and lemon.

Niryas Foods | Winter
Image Source



This is an irresistible food during winters. It tastes heavenly, especially when prepared with ghee. There are many variations you can try such as suji halwa, atta halwa, gajar halwa, etc.Ghee is an important ingredient for most halwa preparations, so the more you add, the better will be the taste.

Niryas Foods | Winter
Image Source


As it is evident, the common ingredient in all above dishes is ghee. It’s not surprising because ghee is a natural flavour enhancer and is loaded with various nutrients. For best results, it is recommended that you use the purest and healthiest ghee such as Niryas Ghee. Niryas is a leading dairy company and its products come with the guarantee of 100% purity and health. Niryas Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, D, E and K, which offer varied health benefits. Adding Niryas Ghee to your food will enhance its taste significantly and the health benefits will be an added bonus. Try Niryas Ghee to experience absolute bliss this winter season.

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