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Milk: The Most Complete Meal

Milk: The Most Complete Meal


Milk is regarded as a complete meal, as it is rich in a wide variety of nutrients such as various vitamins and minerals, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. With so many essential nutrients, it is imperative that we consume milk on a regular basis. It could be a glass of milk at breakfast, at night or any other time of your choice. You can also try various recipes made from milk or consume milk products such as curd, buttermilk, paneer, ghee, etc.

Types of milk

Thanks to technology, you can now choose the right type of milk to suit your specific needs and preferences. Modern dairy farms primarily process three types of milk, namely, full cream milk, toned milk, and double toned milk. Each of these has specific applications and their nutrient content also varies. All three types of milk are healthy choices and you can drink anyone you want. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of milk.

Full cream milk has a fat content of minimum 6 percent and Solids Non-Fat (SNF) of minimum 9 percent. Calorie content per 100 ml of full cream milk is around 87 kcal. It supplies around 3.3 grams of protein per 100 ml, which is quite good for everyday needs. Vitamins and minerals found in full cream milk include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Full cream milk tastes great and provides for a satiating experience.

Full cream milk

Toned Milk has fat content of minimum 3 percent and SNF of minimum 8.5 percent. 100 ml of toned milk has 58 kcal and around 3.1 grams of protein. It has most of the essential nutrients, as available in full cream milk. However, the quantity of nutrients may be less, as compared to full cream milk. Toned milk is low in fat, which makes it suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle such as office professionals, housewives, etc. It is easier to digest and does not create gas or bloating.

Toned Milk

Double toned milk has minimum fat content of 1.5 percent and SNF of minimum 9 percent. 100 ml of double toned milk has around 45 kcal and 3.1 grams of protein. If you have health issues related to fat, double toned milk will be the best option for you. Double toned milk has various vitamins and minerals and it is preferred for making tea, coffee, and other milk-based drinks.

Double toned milk


Tea Special Milk: This type of milk has been specially formulated to make tea or coffee. Tea special milk can be used directly to make tea or coffee, without the need to add water. This makes it really useful for folks who may not be adept at finding the right proportion of milk and water. Tea special milk also makes your tea/coffee a lot richer, tastier and flavorful. Nutritional content of tea special milk is quite similar to that of double toned milk, as described above.

Tea Special Milk

Health benefits of milk

A number of research studies have pointed out to the significant health benefits of milk. Regular consumption of milk has shown to boost our immune system and energy levels and protect us from a wide variety of diseases. Milk has shown to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Some studies have also shown a reduced risk of certain types of cancers. With so many health benefits, it makes sense to have a glass of milk every day.

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Hot Drinks for Winter

Top 5 Hot Drinks for the Season

Hot Drink Recipes | Niryas Foods

Those warm and sultry summer days are gone! Now, they are slowly being replaced by the pleasant evenings, and they are beacons for the upcoming winter season. What is the best way to rejuvenate your senses on a chilly winter evening? It’s surely got to be sipping away at a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Just imagine, sitting in your veranda with a hot cup of drink in the hand and spending a truly relaxing time. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Today we would throw light on some of the innovative hot drink recipes.


#1: White Hot Chocolate

White hot chocolate is really simple to prepare at home. All you need is Niryas Full Cream Milk, vanilla extract, and white chocolate. Stir these in a cup and then add some whipped cream as a topping. A perfect treat, when you feel reluctant to venture out.

Niryas Foods


#2: Vegan Matcha Latte

This is a low-calorie drink. To prepare this drink you will require some gelatin, matcha powder, raw honey and coconut milk. Mix a teaspoon of the matcha powder in boiling water and later add gelatin. Mix the contents until it gets smooth. Before completing, add some warm coconut milk and raw honey. You are ready to sip away at this healthy drink.

Vegan Macha Latte | Niryas Foods


#3: Spicy Chai Latte

Are you ready to prepare Chai Latte at home? To prepare this hot drink all you need is black tea, spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black peppercorn, ginger, and honey) and Niryas Tea Special Milk. Add all the ingredients in boiling water and you are ready to enjoy this aromatic drink.

Spice Chai Latte | NIryas Foods


#4: Minty Hot Cocoa Float

What a combination – hot chocolate blended with ice cream! If it already sounds delicious, let us tell you the recipe. Prepare the hot chocolate using Niryas Full Cream Milk and then add some mint flavored ice cream over the preparation. Add whipped cream as a topping. If you do not like mint, you may experiment with chocolate ice cream too.

Minty Hot Float | Niryas Foods


#5: Mexican Hot Chocolate

This treat from Mexico is a perfect way to keep yourself warm on those chilly days. The preparation needs a few simple ingredients. Start the preparation by mixing brown sugar, cocoa powder, ground cinnamon and powdered milk in a bowl. Store it in a jar, add some hot Niryas milk before having it. This is a quick hot drink you can have anytime.

Mexican Hot Chocolate | NIryas Foods


As you would find most of the above mentioned hot drinks are simple to prepare at home, but their taste is largely dictated by the choice of milk. This is why you should try the Niryas milk products while preparing them at home.

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