Services Offered by Niryas

Niryas has created its own space by focussing on offering extension services and loyalty programme to farmers, so as to make a robust milk procurement system in the long run. Niryas has focussed on the following services:-

Cattle feed
s-img1Cattle feed is a major concern amongst farmers due to its continuous rising prices. Niryas makes superior quality cattle feed available to its members on credit.

Veterinary Services
s-img2Niryas has recruited its own team of vet and para – vets with a prospective ratio of 1 vet and 10 para vets for around 1000 animal. There are regular routine visits by these vets and para- vets to each member house. Besides, they are just a call away at a very reasonable price.

Credit Supply/ Loyalty Scheme
s-img1Niryas provides cattle financing to all eligible farmers under its loyalty programme. A farmer regularly pouring milk to Niryas for 6 months or 750 litres is benefitted with this scheme. It also offers one 36 inches LCD to its loyal borrowers, who pour a minimum of 10,000 ltrs.

Farmer Orientation and Training
s-img4Farmers are being offered extensive trainings in animal care and other practices which lead to good health of the animal and increased milk.



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