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who we are
In Sanskrit, ‘Niryasa’ means ‘Milk’ and nothing else could capture our brand’s essence so succinctly! Niryas Food Products Pvt. Ltd. is a premier dairy organization that has come into being to provide end-to-end solutions to all the dairy farmers as well as end consumers. Niryas offers a complete dairy product value chain which includes procurement, processing and selling of milk and milk consumables. It aims to offer credit facility to the village dairy farmers and entrepreneurs for a nurtured business atmosphere. Last but surely not the least, it ensures availability of most hygienic, purest and quality milk and milk products to its end consumers.
Moreover, research in the milk procurement arena has revealed that there is a clear demand for cattle credit, quality veterinary and cattle feed services among the dairy farmers and milk pourers. Thus, Niryas is best suited to become not only a procurer of milk, but also a provider of cheap and structured credit facility, quality cattle feed and periodic veterinary services to the farmers. It is through this disruptive approach that Niryas aims to save all the farmers, who are often stuck in a credit-commodity vicious cycle with the local ‘doodhiya’ that commonly becomes exploitative. And needless to mention, Niryas’ wishes to be with its end consumers at all times, who are invariably assured of purest and quality milk and milk products.


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