Niryas Food Products Private Limited is a dairy venture being promoted by Mr H.P Singh. He is a proficient Chartered accountant by profession and is well-versed with the nitty-gritties of Indian dairy business dynamisms.

In rural setups, food and agriculture business is the mainstay of people’s livelihood. Provision for finance and other extension services comes as a necessary pre-condition for growth and sustainability of the rural economy. Niryas’ very genesis has endeavoured to perceive the gap between the dairy farmers’ and end consumers’ expectations. By bridging the demand-supply gap in the dairy sector through the development of a sustainable partnership with the milk pourers on one side, and an efficient marketing and sales channel for our end consumers on the other, Niryas aims to offer extensive dairy services.

Noticeably, many a times, the consumers are disappointed on not being able to arrange milk from their nearest outlets for reasons too many!!

But, now, you can be rest assured as Niryas has taken the full responsibility of making umpteen amount of milk and other milk products available to its consumers at all times. With an additional assurance of freshness, quality, taste and purity, you can count on Niryas Foods unremittingly. Our milk will be farm fresh, hygienic, tasty and pure without any powder reconstitutes! Niryas has stepped in with its Shudh (Pure), Ati Shudh (Purest) philosophy in order to bridge the existent demand-supply gap in the milk industry.

Our procurement of pure and hygienic milk from the farmers in villages, and maintenance of the freshness and taste of the milk through efficient cold chain, till it reaches the end consumers are a reflection of Niryas’motto. It aims to capture the taste buds of the consumers with pouched milk and Ghee besides many other value added products that will be available in the market soon.


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