Business Model and Functioning

Observably, Bulandshahar district is known as the ‘Milk Belt’ of U.P. Near about 24 private dairy plants are operational in this region producing milk, cheese, ghee and butter. According to the Livestock Census of 2003, the milch animals (cows and buffaloes) accounted for a total of 5.90 lakh in the district of Bulandshahar. The demographic statistics of cows and buffaloes are 267102 and 1109638 respectively, and breedable cows and buffaloes are 68354 and 576596 respectively.

However, there still exists a big gap between the expectations of the farmers and the ever increasing milk consumption of the consumers. On one hand, where farmers expect fair price for their milk produce with a stable market to sell it, on the other hand, consumers need fresh, pure, quality, tasty and consistent availability of milk and milk products at reasonable rates. Thus, Niryas has charted out the following innovative business model:-


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