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Who Are We

In Sanskrit, 'Niryasa' means 'Milk' and nothing else could capture our brand's essence so succinctly! Niryas Food Products Pvt. Ltd. is a premier dairy organization that has come into being to provide end-to-end solutions to all the dairy farmers as well as end consumers. Niryas offers a complete dairy product value chain which includes procurement, processing and selling of milk and milk consumables. It aims to offer small loans to the village dairy farmers and entrepreneurs for a nurtured business atmosphere. Last but surely not the least, it ensures availability of most hygienic, purest and quality milk and milk products to its end consumers.

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Core Values

Quality -Milk being a highly nutritious food product fulfills the rudimentary nourishment of the human beings, right from their birth. It ought to be quality, hygienic, pure, fresh and tasty. Therefore, our vision is to create a valuable dairy product chain starting from our dairy farmers in remote villages, who would pour fresh milk in a clean and covered steel can at our village level centers. This milk is then transported through insulated vehicles to our nearby chilling centers and well-equipped and state-of-the-art plant for pasteurization. After undergoing rigorous quality checking, it is packaged in edible food grade poly films and transported to the market in a hygienic, insulated/refrigerated milk van maintaining the cold chain process. This finally reaches our end consumers with the milk’s freshness, quality and taste intact. Hence, it speaks volumes about our transparent and highly streamlined method of procuring milk from our farmers and supplying it to our end consumers.

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Core Purpose

Niryas hinges on becoming a premier dairy service provider that fulfills the basic and advanced requirements of the rural dairy farmers, as well as, caters to the needs of the end consumers for the best quality, hygienic and delicious milk products. In years to come, Niryas envisions itself as one-of-a-kind dairy brand known for its apex quality dairy products readily available for the consumers.
We deliver dairy products made from milk of vaccinated cattle.

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