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Mr. H.P Singh

hp-singh Mr. H P Singh is a law graduate and a fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 1984. He has over two decades of microfinance experience and pioneered the unique concept of daily collection of repayments of loans. Besides an expert in lending (especially microfinance) he has experience in the field of auditing, accounts, project financing, advisory services and company law matters. His financial engineering experience of almost three decades has helped the Company in operational strategy and efficiency. He is actively involved in SCNL’s day-to-day operations and has been a vital source of inspiration since the Company’s inception in 1990. Under his leadership, SCNL has grown into one of the leading microfinance institutions in North India and continues to expand its operations. He has participated in HBS Accion Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance in 2009 and leadership program organized by Women’s World Banking at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

Chairman’s Message

With a profound discernment of the significance and dynamics of FMCG industry in India, I take immense pride in introducing my premiere dairy brand, Niryas Food Products Pvt. Ltd., to every milk lover out there, who seeks nothing but, purity and quality. Niryas has lent a new dimension and definition to Purity, Quality, Taste and Hygiene.

The importance of the dairy sector in India cannot be overemphasised. Incessant and path breaking inventions in the field of technology has enabled the Indian dairy industry to grow with leaps and bounds. According to the statistics, the total amount of milk produce has tripled from 23 million tonnes back in 1973 to 95 million tonnes in 2008, and is expected to hit a level of 135 million tonnes by 2015. However, the projected demand for milk by 2021-22 is estimated to be around 180 million tonnes and even more. Milk production is growing at 3.3%, while consumption is growing at 5% leaving a gap between demand and supply. Hence, the very genesis of Niryas is to bridge the demand-supply chasm in the dairy industry through the development of a sustainable partnership with the milk pourers (farmers) on one side, and an efficient sales channel for the end consumers on the other.

The chief driving force for Niryas is the societal responsibility that has helped it come into being. Niryas not only aims to supply highly nutritious, tasty, pure and quality milk and milk products to its end consumers, but it also strives to empower the Indian dairy farmers with its breakneck technological advancements involved in dairying activities.

It would be my utmost privilege to serve this nation with purity and quality, or we may also call it, NIRYAS!!

Try it to believe it!

Shudh Niryas!!!

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