Operations Consultant

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Operations consultants are vital in helping organizations improve efficiencies and the overall profitability of their business. They advise clients on how to best implement strategies to ensure their supply chains are more effective and add value to the organization. These can range from the day-to-day running of the business, to initiating change in management itself.

Operations consultants are responsible for initiating change and supporting clients improve the productivity and effectiveness of their internal operations. They will usually conduct an audit of the current state of operations and then suggest ways in which the value chain can be enhanced. Operation consultants will work across the business, from logistics of supply chain to optimizing customer services and marketing.

Responsibilities for Operations Consultants
The role of an operations consultant is diverse, resulting in an array of responsibilities as seen below:
- Conduct an audit of the organization
- Be numerical, able to analyse and interpret data, understanding the impact of data on an organization
- Make recommendations for new systems, practises and procedures to be implemented
- Update models, accounts and CRM systems to enable smooth running of the business
- Optimize supply chain logistics
- Suggest changes to improve the overall structure of the business and examine employee job roles
- Analyse relationships between businesses and suppliers/manufacturers and negotiate improved contractual terms
- Update financial processes and reporting strategies
- Effectively manage projects from inception to completion
- Lead teams to secure positive outcomes for organizations