Financial consulting

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“Financial consultant” is a somewhat antiquated term that’s largely been replaced by the term “financial advisor.” Financial consultants may work for a firm or as a self-employed contractor, and their clients may be companies or individuals.

In short, financial consultants offer personalized advice to help investors build wealth. They may offer financial planning, identify well-suited investments and guide insurance decisions. They often direct the buying and selling of investments, like stocks and bonds, on their clients’ behalf. Some may also sell financial products.

A financial consultant usually meets with clients to assess their financial situation before they make any recommendations. Any time a client experiences a major life change, they’ll likely request another meeting.

Financial consultants or advisors offer clients a big picture analysis of their finances. They break down different aspects of a client’s financial life, including assets, expenses and income, and help them create a financial plan to reach different types of goals. These goals can be focused on specific milestones like buying a home, relocating to a different city, retirement and paying for the education of a grandchild